Monday, September 29, 2014

Chubs Lived Here is Moving!

This is a big day for me and my itty bitty blog. I created Chubs Lived Here in January 2012 thinking I would post a few random things and no one would read and that would be it. But I wrote way more than I expected, you all read it (scream!), and you gave me awesome feedback and support. I am humbly overjoyed.

Now I want to make Chubs Lived Here a little better and more secure.
  • Better in the sense that I'd like more control over what my blog looks like (Blogger's templates are somewhat limiting).
  • Better in the sense that I want to own my blog (currently, Google/Blogger has the right to delete my content at any time without reason).
  • Better in the sense that I'd like to try a partnership with Amazon which will allow me to collect small advertising fees (like .30 cents to a few dollars) on items I choose to review. Since I've been reviewing products, books, and movies anyway, it's a no-brainer to add this component.
So off I go to I hope you visit. Please visit! Chubs Lived Here, in its entirety, is at my new site. You might notice that it's much cleaner and more sparse. Yes, I moved from a free platform to a platform for which I have to pay so it would look like...less. Makes perfect sense, right? You know how I feel about clutter.

Come see me!